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I wonder if we really fully grasp who Jesus is. We can repeat the creeds, quote the Scriptures and state our beliefs—he is the Messiah, the Son of God, all God and all man. Yet, the question remains: do we really grasp who Jesus is?

The Creator of all things takes on the flesh of his creation. The Eternal, Infinite One becomes finite while remaining infinite. The Holy One chose to walk in unholy places. The Eternal Light shone in the darkness. The Way came and directed the lost. The Truth spoke to those living in error. The Life offered the resurrection to the dying. Purity reached out and touched the impure. The One who is total wholeness restored those totally broken.

He knew physical pain. He allowed his heart to be broken. He felt the wounds of rejection and betrayal. He who had never died gave up his life for those who had never lived. The One who has no needs reached out to all the needy and in love offered us all a new life with him.

This is what Jesus has done. This is who Jesus is. How can we keep from falling to our knees in worship? How can we not honor him every minute of our lives?

Who is Jesus to you?

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