Step into the Fog

I stared out the window one very foggy morning and it looked like my world ended about 100 yards away. One could only see shadows and silhouettes. Going forward I discovered life beyond the fog that I saw.

Our lives can get foggy at times. Pain, loss, grief and heartache cloud over our lives. We could feel like life ends “just out there.”

What do we do? Some freeze in place. Others curse the fog. There are those who withdraw and wait to die. Yet, life is lived only when one has the courage to take the next step INTO the fog.

Where do we find the courage to do so? Several turn to the bottle or a drug. Some others become hard and tough believing that “nothing will hurt me again.” Yet, all these do is numb the fear and increase the fog.

I have learned that my faith in God gives me his strength to take that next step into the fog. God living in our hearts gives us the courage of the Lion of Judah—Jesus. Keeping our eyes on him and off the fog we discover the SON of God burns off the fog of our hearts and that there is an awesome life to be lived beyond what we could see. We really only see “through a fog dimly…” until we walk out our faith in Jesus.

Ignore the scary shadows and silhouettes. Trust in his Sonshine. Take the next step. The fog will clear.

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